First Fashion Photo Shoot

…And is fashion photography just a portrait of someone wearing a dress ?

Fashion photography is not just simply the recording of fabric and surface details. It’s all about the message that the image transmits. After all “You’re selling dreams, not just the clothes”. You need beautiful models, elegant looking clothing, good makeup and a photographer extraordinaire.

I knew that I needed good professional images of my collection. A friend recommended a professional photographer Hayat Khan  who offered to bring both the models and the makeup artist and I only had to find the location. Finding that perfect location for the photo-shoot was not as easy as I had thought it would be. The boutique was the first choice but it is a busy place especially on Saturdays – the day of the shoot. We were going to start with standard studio shots so an empty office was the next choice; it had a plenty of room and we wouldn’t be disturbed by customers.

The day before the photo-shoot, I separated the clothes that I wanted images of – all ironed and ready to wear.Amna & AnumTwo beautiful models Amna  and Anum Mahmood arrived with Aeysha Baig the makeup artist

and the photographer. Here are some of the photos:

Chiffon lace Gown...Blue lace gown...Red-kameez & trousers... Party Wear @Af's Collection Spring 2015

Red-kameez & trousers…Blue lace gown…Chiffon lace gown… Party Wear @Af’s Collection Spring 2015

Fuschia Gown  ... Gold Lehnga..Mehndi Mayon Gharara@Af's Collection wedding wear

Fuschia Gown …
Gold Lehnga..Mehndi Mayon Gharara@Af’s Collection wedding wear

It was the first photo shoot I’d ever arranged and I had underestimated the challenges of photographing clothes for my website. These are some of the things I plan on doing differently so I’ll be better prepared for the next one:

  1. Deciding on a theme and a title for the photo-shoot beforehand
  2. Pre-planning scenes keeping in mind the clothes and accessories
  3.  Scouting different locations, the more interesting the better because it can enhance photos even if you do not capture that perfect pose
  4. Doing a mental step by step rehearsal based on the time I have – and then written down, i.e., make a timetable
  5. Making a list of needed equipment that I can easily check off so I can pay more attention during the actual shoot

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